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The pages in this section are restricted to current members of the Madison Packer Backers. The password for this site is listed on your membership card.

Joining the Madison Packer Backers

The Madison Packer Backers club is for people who want to support the Green Bay Packers on a year-round basis (not just at games during the season). Membership is closed and you need to be sponsored by a current member. The club is not a ticket reseller, and you cannot become a member of the club for the sole purpose of getting tickets to Green Bay Packer games. Therefore, an important part of joining the Madison Packer Backers is participating in different Packer-related events, such as parades, watch parties, community and outreach events organized by the Green Bay Packer events, and more. Most of our events are open to the members and their guests, and are listed on our calendar (you can also email us if you need more information about events). After attending some events, a current member of the club will need to be your sponsor who can help you attend a new member orientation meeting and submit an application for membership.

Members-Only Pages

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