About Us

The Madison Packer Backers club was established in 1965 and incorporated in 1967.

Rawhide Youth Services

In addition to having fun and supporting the Green Bay Packers, the Madison Packer Backers love supporting Rawhide Youth Services. Founded by the legendary Packer Bart Starr, Rawhide has natural ties to the Packers. We raise money for Rawhide in a variety of fun and creative ways such as prize drawings on the buses to games and other events.


Many of our events are open to members and their guests or non-members and a great way to get to know the club. Potential new members must be sponsored by an existing Madison Packer Backers member and follow the procedures approved annually by the Board of Directors and administered by the Membership Committee.

The procedures include:

  1. Submitting a potential new member application.
  2. Attending a mandatory orientation meeting.
  3. Approval by the Board of Directors.
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