Packer Games

Home Games at Lambeau Field

As fans of the Green Bay Packers, one of our favorite things to do is go to the famous Lambeau Field to cheer our Packers on to victory! We go to each home game (including pre-season and playoffs) via buses. The buses are a great way to get to the game – you can start your tailgating early, have fun singing and dancing on the bus, raise money for Rawhide Youth Services with our fun prize raffles, try your luck at one of our pools, and can celebrate the victory (or at least listen to the postgame coverage with fellow fans) on the way home without needing to worry about driving. We aren’t resellers of Packer tickets, so in order to come to our games you either need to be a club member or a guest of a club member and need to come on the bus with us (we don’t sell tickets, we have gameday packages which include the bus ride and ticket).

Pictures from Past Home Games

Away Games

Note: Due to Covid-19, we are not currently watching away games. Stay tuned for more information about watching away games with the Madison Packer Backers!

Need more people to high-five whenever we score another touchdown? Tired of throwing furniture at the TV at home whenever the refs blow a call? Just want to get out of the house and watch the game with fellow Packer fans? Come watch the away games with the Madison Packer Backers at the Coliseum Bar & Restaurant. We get there about half an hour before each away game – make sure to get there before the game if you want to get in on our football pools!

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