We’re in the midst of a tremendous “battle” as our very own Jerry Trzebiatowski, a Starr Academy teacher is one of 15 finalists from around the country looking to secure a $100,000 grant from Farmers Insurance.  Each of the top 5 vote generating projects/teachers will receive a $100,000 grant.  Although the 4pm broadcast on WBAY Channel 2 in Green Bay has passed, here is their website for more details: https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Starr-Academy-a-Finalist-for-100000-Grant-497845611.html
You can also view Jerry’s video when you go to vote at: https://www.farmers.com/thank-americas-teachers/vote-for-a-teacher/
Jerry is the final teacher featured as they are posted in alphabetical sequence. 
So, please vote every day from now through November 3rd!  If you have multiple email accounts, you can vote from each one daily.  Lastly, please forward this email to your network of contacts – friends, family, co-workers, etc. so that they can also contribute to our hopeful success.  Remember, we do not have to be the highest vote getter to win, only one of the top 5!  And we’re competing against school districts with much larger potential audiences then “little ole Rawhide”.  But just like David, we can “beat” the goliath with your help!

The Madison Packer Backers is a club organized and supported by fans and followers of the Green and Gold!